Callinan to review tribunal visa decisions

Callinan to review tribunal visa decisions

The federal government has announced a review of the Administrative Appeals Tribunal amid controversy over a series of decisions overturning sanctioned visa cancellations and deportation orders.

Federal Attorney-General Christian Porter on Friday revealed former High Court judge Ian Callinan will lead the inquiry into the tribunal.

The AAT was amalgamated with the former Social Security Appeals Tribunal, the Migration Review Tribunal and the Refugee Review Tribunal in 2015.

“This review, required under the legislation that provided for the amalgamation, is important to evaluate the success of the amalgamation now that three years have passed since its implementation,” he said in a statement.

“The review seeks to identify whether the operations of the Tribunal can be further improved to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of the Commonwealth merits review jurisdiction and support high quality and consistent government decision making.”

It comes after Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton criticised the AAT decision to overturn the visa cancellation for a Chinese drug smuggler jailed for 10 years in Sydney. Mr. Donnelly appeared as counsel for the Applicant in the proceedings.

It’s just one of a number of rulings on visa cancellations and denials that have angered Mr Dutton.

“This review will look at ways to better address community standards because it is not right that these people are here committing multiple offences, serious offences against multiple Australian victims and somehow they’re allowed to stay,” he told The Australian on Friday.

Mr Callinan will provide his written report to government by October 2018.

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