Dr. Jason Donnelly Biography

Academic and Professional Qualifications

Experience Working in the Law

  • Adjunct Lecturer (New South Wales College of Law) (2014-2018)
  • Barrister (May 2011-)
  • Casual University Lecturer (2009-2015) (University of Western Sydney, School of Law)
  • Co-Author & Editor, Federal Administrative Law, Thomson Reuters Australia (2020-)
  • Consultant at LexisNexis (2008-2009)
  • Course Convenor and Founding Author of Graduate Diploma in Australian Migration Law (Western Sydney University) (2016-)
  • Researcher to the Honourable Michael Kirby AC CMG, former Justice of the High Court of Australia (November 2009-March 2010)
  • Senior University Lecturer (Western Sydney University, School of Law) (2016-)
  • Tipstaff to the Honourable Justice Peter McClellan AM QC, Chief Judge at Common Law, Supreme Court of New South Wales (2010)

Alumni & Professional Associations

  • College of Law Alumnus
  • Macquarie University Alumnus
  • New South Wales Bar Association Member
  • New South Wales University Alumnus
  • Western Sydney University Alumnus

Selected Cases

Parliamentary and Statutory Inquiries

Citizenship, Immigration and Migration Law  

Contract Law, Employment Law and Equity 

Criminal Law

Personal Injury 

Statutory Interpretation and Public Law

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Dr Donnelly is an active writer and has published various papers on topics connected to Australian Law.